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Viable Paradise: Day 1 (a.m.)

Berry monster

Friendly neighbor

First I was like this, but then I was like this

Mormon pine

Hello, Warren Ellis

This Martha’s Vineyard business is a fancy place, and it is doing its best to impress me. They grew short trees to make me feel taller, invited a sexy, bitchy ocean, and the birds keep doing cool tricks in the wind right next to my face to entertain me. I like everyone I’ve met so far, starting with the woman at the hardware store with a thick Caribbean accent and a barely-visible smirk who asked about my green hair and the RAM chip dangling from it; continuing with our generous, friendly instructors; and culminating in my well-mannered, tidy, pleasant-smelling, attractive roommates with fun t-shirts and acceptable hours of operation.

The fact that I find no one offensive probably means I’m the one who’s pissing everyone off.  (:< Maybe with my long, run-on sentences!

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  1. Matt (effing) Roberts wrote:

    Your adventures bring a smile to my crinkled lips, not unlike a flagon of mead may affect me. Yon sea-stache most mighty, it doth rock in ways that would force an admiring chuckle from Odin the All-Father.

    I must consult the runes.

    Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 09:09 | Permalink

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