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#distractiondraw & involvement as self-care

  #distractiondraw (Instagram link) is something my friend Stevie and i started doing because our social media feeds were too depressing to read immediately upon waking. We decided to draw something that made us happy and post it every morning before looking at anything else, and we’ve now started doing it when we need to “reset” […]

thanks for the free envelopes, asshole

I don’t know why it’s even legal for a credit card company to send you a bunch of wasted dead-ass trees you didn’t ask for and definitely won’t use, especially when it’s a security risk for identity theft. I would be angrier if it wasn’t for this: I haven’t bought an envelope in over thirteen […]

prank war (spoiler: i lose)

The first thing you have to know is: my boss Alan is awesome. He’s kind, courteous, funny, helpful, generous, knows how to build things, knows how to art things, and his cooking is divine. He carefully marks the store prices so that we’re making enough to run the shop, but helping out the customer the […]

Luckiest burglar EVER.

So at about 3:00 a.m. this morning, the dogs start barking, and i look out my window to see this. Actually, there were more cars, but since they were pointing all their lights at some dude on our porch, and i had NO idea why he was there or whether he was armed, i didn’t […]


Best bandage art ever.

The Towel Game

Keffy and I are sharing a hotel room at Cascade Writers.    _ (…Calm down, it’s Mountain Dew. And I washed it out by hand so the staff wouldn’t have to wonder, either.)

Big-Tittied Chainmail Lady (surprisingly, NSFW!)

For those of you who don’t know what the SFWA Bulletin is, it’s a newsletter for members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. We’ve had to work pretty hard over the years to have our work taken seriously, since many people are still dismissive of “spaceships and unicorns.” SFWA is a bit […]

Fat Jokes

This happened almost word for word. If anyone gets mad at me for making comics about fat jokes, this will be SO META. We’ll understand if you never want to talk to us again. But we’re going to make fun of you behind your back, and draw devil horns and a mustache on your picture […]

The Journal of Exuberantly Bad Fiction

…is a real thing. There’s finally a paying market for that erotic unicorn spy thriller you wrote when you were twelve. Of course, I had to go digging through my old work and see what horrible things I had written. When I was twenty, I came up with this idea for a novel about vampirates, […]