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#distractiondraw & involvement as self-care

  #distractiondraw (Instagram link) is something my friend Stevie and i started doing because our social media feeds were too depressing to read immediately upon waking. We decided to draw something that made us happy and post it every morning before looking at anything else, and we’ve now started doing it when we need to “reset” […]

Hanzo had his 6th birthay party yesterday!

For the past 5.5 years, any time i have given Hanzo a balloon, he has happily destroyed it with his poky little claws and bitey little teeth. If given a choice between a cardboard box, a stuffed animal, and a balloon, i’d bet money he’d pick the last one first. So i got a bunch […]


Lying in morning sun, reading aloud to the other mammals. If I had a million bucks i’d spend my morning the same way. (via Instagram That Instagram shot was a couple of days ago, but it seemed like a good photo for this post, because i feel a LOT better. We went from this […]

This is how i feel today

  This is my challenge: Go forth and do something you haven’t done before, something that makes you also feel like this.

Super Birthday Snake

Last week, Briar and I went on a walk with our friends Teeth & Steve and their dog Motley. Our plan was to play Ingress as we went, taking portals with our phones while our dogs took them with urine assertions, but we reached Pickett Bridge and one of the most surreal things of my […]

Dog cuteness

Bay Area shenanigans

“Oh, i’m California and i don’t have any water.” Puh-lease. If you hadn’t lost it to some egrets and muskrats in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, you wouldn’t have a drought, California. Well, also if you want to drink water that tastes like mud and turtle pee. So, i basically like Amtrak. I do. […]

15 miles on Seattle hills

…But i’m getting ahead of myself! First i left Bellingham (while it was snowing), went to Seattle (which was dry) and walked the first few of my 15 total miles in four days. Then i got on the wrong city bus and rode around like a human remora on a big smelly wheeled shark until […]

Fat Jokes

This happened almost word for word. If anyone gets mad at me for making comics about fat jokes, this will be SO META. We’ll understand if you never want to talk to us again. But we’re going to make fun of you behind your back, and draw devil horns and a mustache on your picture […]

Duck Collection

My friend Carlie collects rubber ducks. We have rubber duck painting kits at the art store. Carlie and her sister recently adopted two kittens. You don’t have to be a writer to know how these different facts fit together, right? The nature of her birthday gift was inevitable: