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#distractiondraw & involvement as self-care

  #distractiondraw (Instagram link) is something my friend Stevie and i started doing because our social media feeds were too depressing to read immediately upon waking. We decided to draw something that made us happy and post it every morning before looking at anything else, and we’ve now started doing it when we need to “reset” […]

Clarion West Write-a-thon & Princes of Iron

A sparkle caught my eye as I passed one of the empty burrows. The Unlight fell dull upon the windchimes that hung there, but it was bright upon a sky-blue glass bottle the size of my fist, dangling from an orange ribbon. Nothing shows up that brilliantly with faery-augmented sight unless it’s magic. When I […]

new digs

Moving for the third time in sixteen months was still an anxiety-inducing nightmare and i’m surprised i have any friends left, but it was a good move. TL;DR: I don’t feel like this anymore. I once again live in someone’s converted garage, but i like to keep my punk cred, so that’s ideal. 😉 It’s a 3 […]

Twelfth dog, best dog

Because Hanzo is an enormous male pit bull, almost no one wants to pet him. But because he’s also a doofy, sweet, good-hearted kitten of a dog, it hurts his feelings when people avoid him. They walk across the street rather than pass him on the sidewalk, and he watches them with his ears up […]

This is how i feel today

  This is my challenge: Go forth and do something you haven’t done before, something that makes you also feel like this.

Videogame saves seagull’s life (so there)

Yeah, more animal rescue. Does this happen to other people? Am i knocking seagulls out of the air with a baseball bat to get Internet attention? Look, i’m wondering the same thing as you. Maybe i’m playing birdsketball in my sleep or something. This time, i was out playing Ingress with Briar, setting up this […]

Super Birthday Snake

Last week, Briar and I went on a walk with our friends Teeth & Steve and their dog Motley. Our plan was to play Ingress as we went, taking portals with our phones while our dogs took them with urine assertions, but we reached Pickett Bridge and one of the most surreal things of my […]

Not online yet

When I finally had Internet again last night, I had 100+ unread messages in my inbox. It might be awhile before you hear from me because I look like this: But I’ll definitely be back soon, with tales of adventure and destruction and LOVE. <3

Hanzo at Relay for Life

Almost every year, my boyfriend is involved in the sound system for Relay for Life. This is the first year I was in town and otherwise unengaged, and it’s not far from our house, so I decided to take Hanzo over when I brought Seamus some supplies (it’s a 24 hour event). We were a […]


I go by several names. My legal name is “C0r1n Sän Inman.” I publish under “Cory Skerry” (can you imagine reviewers trying to spell the “real” one?). I share and publish my illustrations under the moniker “plunderpuss.” I’m listing these so it doesn’t look like I’m hiding behind anything when I make this post, which […]