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Pit Bull Tuesday: Laughing Baby + a Pit Mix

It’s possible I already shared this, but if so, it was a long time ago, and it’s about time we all see it again. That baby’s laugh is contagious! If you can’t see the video above, watch here.

Pit Bull Tuesday: Piper’s Goat Puppies!

If Piper’s goat puppies aren’t loading above, you can view them here.

Pit Bull Tuesday: Creature Saves an Elderly Woman

If you can’t see Creature’s video above, click here.

Pit Bull Tuesday: Kissing Booth

Sorry it’s late, but I had to prioritize and photos of cute pit bull puppies arrived low on the list today. Besides, wasn’t it worth the wait?!

Pit Bull Tuesday: Sharky and Friends

Sharky has been on here before, but I saw a really cute one last night that I somehow missed before. So adorable! If the video doesn’t play here on my blog, click here.

Pit Bull Tuesday: Guest Guinea Pig

Sorry I missed last Tuesday, and sorry I’m cheating this time, but I’m too busy to dig up anything more than cute photos from my hard drive. Here’s a photo of Hanzo cuddling with Plunkett while Briar uses her SuperHerding™ instincts to keep the little guy from wandering off the couch. <3 Bigger version:

Pit Bull Tuesday: Photo Booth Pit Bulls

If anyone knows the original source of this photo, please let me know. I’d love to credit them! (I may have shared this before–I can’t find it, though, and I found it again and re-fell in re-love with it.)  

Pit Bull Tuesday: Cain Saves His Owner’s Mom from a House Fire

TL;DW: She was upstairs and didn’t realize the house was on fire; if Cain hadn’t alerted her, she would have been trapped in a fire that took 70 firefighters to put out. When she got outside, she realized Cain wasn’t with her. So she put her robe over her face and went back in for […]

Pit Bull Tuesday: Yes, I’ve Seen the Roomba Cat + Pit Bull

And now you have too (as if there was ANYONE LEFT ON THE PLANET). 😀 Seriously, you can stop sending it to me now, you guys.   If it won’t load for you, you can click here. It is pretty cute. XD

Pit Bull Tuesday: Elle the Therapy Dog

Click here if the video above won’t play. And for bonus adorableness, watch Elle zooming around and doing rolls for fun. She’s clearly not well-behaved around those kids because she’s a naturally sleepy dog 😉