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he ate it >:|

On my walk with Briar the other day, i found some beautiful California poppies in a parking lot. I picked one, and when we got back, i put it in a little tiny vase with some water, because i planned on drawing it later. Then i made myself lunch, which pissed off Prince Hanzo the […]

Romance & bugs

So back in June (shut up, i haven’t had time to post anything in a timely manner) my friends Jess and Matt got hitched. They’re rock climbers, so they did it on a goddamned rock that we all had to climb onto. Luckily, it was a great-grandma climb, and it was also one of the […]

Moonlit hike

One night last week, we played Ingress for about two hours while we walked the dogs, then we went climbing for another hour at Vital, and when we finished at 1:30 a.m., i said, “Let’s drive down Chuckanut and hike to the beach.” Seamus never says no to me because he either has a similar […]

Super Birthday Snake

Last week, Briar and I went on a walk with our friends Teeth & Steve and their dog Motley. Our plan was to play Ingress as we went, taking portals with our phones while our dogs took them with urine assertions, but we reached Pickett Bridge and one of the most surreal things of my […]

Bay Area shenanigans

“Oh, i’m California and i don’t have any water.” Puh-lease. If you hadn’t lost it to some egrets and muskrats in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, you wouldn’t have a drought, California. Well, also if you want to drink water that tastes like mud and turtle pee. So, i basically like Amtrak. I do. […]

You didn’t need to sleep again anyway, right?

As my friend Dan said: “THIS SHOULD NOT BE A THING!”

Sunny morning walk

I know they’re an invasive species, and I should hope the park maintenance staff manage to destroy every last one, but seriously, they are so cute! I sort of wish they were the size of Briar and I could have one and take it on walks, like this: Fun fact: I scribbled that on one […]

#slushtips for Whatcom Writers & Publishers

Last Wednesday, I attended the monthly Whatcom Writers & Publishers dinner and gave tips on “Getting Out of the Slush Pile.” (Specifically, getting out of the slush toward the editor, rather than toward your own inbox.) Even though I’m not afraid of speaking in public, I get a little worried about actually lecturing. I’m pretty […]

Sunday: Blue

Not Photoshop

Just the largest Sitka Spruce in North America! A photo of me from the Rainforest Writers Village in 2009.