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Clown rabies

…And it ended with STORIES eyebrows

Tonight I gave a Copic marker demonstration to my friend Chrissy, who got several markers for Christmas. That was totally fun… we scribbled for hours. And ate cookies. Also, this week i have 1) interviewed for a part-time job i would looove and 2) submitted the first short story i’ve finished since last summer, currently […]

Bacon-flavored makeup

Edit: Twitter and WordPress are arguing and i’m afraid they’ll get a divorce :O

#slushtips for Whatcom Writers & Publishers

Last Wednesday, I attended the monthly Whatcom Writers & Publishers dinner and gave tips on “Getting Out of the Slush Pile.” (Specifically, getting out of the slush toward the editor, rather than toward your own inbox.) Even though I’m not afraid of speaking in public, I get a little worried about actually lecturing. I’m pretty […]

Sunday: Blue

Sunday: Green


Beagle Buddy

  My favorite photos are always the ones in which I look like a creepy little elf. Or a hot goth chick, but creepy elf chic takes less effort.

A rather important instructional comic.

  For long centuries, the Genderati have hidden the location of the Fountain of Ambiguousness. It’s a conspiracy. The passive-aggressive public post is because, sadly, I heard about it later. And there’s no way the people who I know are doing this are the only ones. So Happy Holidays! I and other pangendered/ transgendered/ ungendered/ whateverly-gendered […]

The Princess IS the Pirate

(And after writing that subject line, now I want to see the old Bob Hope classic re-filmed with modern fetish, goth, and steampunk couture.) Last night I hit Sin City’s “Pirate Fetish Night” with a handful of friends. This is perhaps the best club costume I’ve worn yet. Special thanks to David (who suggested I […]