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Dog cuteness

My useless lawnmowers

My last pair of guinea pigs (which i call marsvin, because the Swedish word is way cuter) were the queens of lawnmowing. I would put out their 2’x3′ wire cage top directly on the lawn, set them in it, and in 45 minutes they would mow six square feet and fertilize it with their funny […]

this photo is like 1000 x better if you imagine the guinea pig’s nostrils are actually its eyes.

Pit Bull Tuesday: Guest Guinea Pig

Sorry I missed last Tuesday, and sorry I’m cheating this time, but I’m too busy to dig up anything more than cute photos from my hard drive. Here’s a photo of Hanzo cuddling with Plunkett while Briar uses her SuperHerding™ instincts to keep the little guy from wandering off the couch. <3 Bigger version:

The Evil Twin

This is MacLeane. He is a darling little cavy angel. He didn’t even need that piece of apple to convince him to hold still for grooming, because he very much wants to stay pretty. He will allow his toes to be examined and stroked (practice for future nail trimming), and if you roll him onto […]

I was weak.

They’ve been in our house less than twelve hours, so they’re still shy–especially with how friendly my other pets are. One of my cats just crawled up onto my lap to snuggle me and ignored them. They were understandably terrified, but I’m sure eventually they’ll realize she’s even stupider and tamer than they are. Briar […]