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#distractiondraw & involvement as self-care

  #distractiondraw (Instagram link) is something my friend Stevie and i started doing because our social media feeds were too depressing to read immediately upon waking. We decided to draw something that made us happy and post it every morning before looking at anything else, and we’ve now started doing it when we need to “reset” […]

crab sketches

I was already thinking about how neat crabs are when i was visiting Alyc this spring, and then she was showing me some of the cool history and worldbuilding for the tabletop game, and there was a “Crab Clan.” I was like YEAH CRABS I should have been like YEAH SCANNER BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST ADJUSTMENT though, haha.

Ingress player cartoons

So i like to do this thing where i draw what i think people are like based on their screen names. (One of the many reasons i’m not interested in Facebook or Google’s fascist insistence that we all use our real names online. If you’re reading this, Facebook or Google, lick my butt.) At the […]

Write-a-thon: Monsterpede, page 06 + new collaboration

(For those just joining us, Monsterpede is an anti-all-ages picture book that serves as an allegory for a writer’s journey. I intend to self-publish it for the experience, and I am bloging all my progress. Also, my hand is busted and typoa abound. Sorry!) I think perhaps this book will change the world. I say […]


So last Saturday, Seamus and i visited an abandoned zoo. It was spooky. Never go to an abandoned anything with me, because i have two life philosophies that, when combined, create almost certain death: 1. When faced with a decision, choose the option that makes a better story later 2. Nothing in horror movies is […]

…And it ended with STORIES eyebrows

Tonight I gave a Copic marker demonstration to my friend Chrissy, who got several markers for Christmas. That was totally fun… we scribbled for hours. And ate cookies. Also, this week i have 1) interviewed for a part-time job i would looove and 2) submitted the first short story i’ve finished since last summer, currently […]

Feather Monster

Scribbled this at work. Click to see it at full size:

Dr. Sketchy Scribbles (NSFW)

Two of my co-workers and I went to Dr. Sketchy’s at the Temple Bar on Monday night. The model was Olympia, who may be the most fun to draw model I’ve ever sketched. She has such long, thin bones; it was a little like drawing a very realistic anime person. This was a two-minute pose. […]

Comic: Dragon With Problems

I’m a facilitator at an after-school writing club for teens (and pre-teens if they know the secret password). I forgot my composition book last week, so I didn’t have anything to write in… except the three sketchbooks in my bag. So I pulled out my new Comics! book, which is comics only, and used our […]

Sloppy self-portrait

This was just an experiment I did as a warm-up. (Soon you are going to get to see some illustrations, cross my heart, but I’m having technical difficulties so you’re stuck with warm-ups for now.) For anyone curious about what it was I actually did: I sketched my own dumb face chewing on a paintbrush, […]