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return of S.E.E.D.s! + lizards

I was falling behind on S.E.E.D.s and when i moved, i found that it had been so long the ink in my spray bottles had dried and clogged. I needed new brushes, too. Fortunately, i work at an art store, and because i’ve been doing some freelance editing, i could afford to fix that. So […]

my best mistake and ex-best pants

When i was the Art Director for Nightmare‘s special issue, Queers Destroy Horror!, i originally wasn’t going to assign myself an illustration. I wanted to involve as many queer people as possible. But after i’d almost finished selecting my artist lineup, i realized i didn’t have any traditional artists. And i really felt like “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” by […]


Natalie Duran (from a photo–not sure who took it) An unknown (to me) climber, from a photo by Cody Duncan I’m trying to remember to practice more dynamic poses/perspective/etc. because those often are my favorite things to look at, and i still nearly always default to easier positions and viewpoint angles.


S.E.E.D. is dedicated to collecting firsthand accounts from witnesses of anomalous activity, even and especially in direct defiance of government suppression efforts. If your government has  succeeded in preventing you from hearing about the “seed” landings, click here to access the data that S.E.E.D. has collected and published so far. Witnesses are encouraged to participate […]

Write-a-thon: Monsterpede, page 06 + new collaboration

(For those just joining us, Monsterpede is an anti-all-ages picture book that serves as an allegory for a writer’s journey. I intend to self-publish it for the experience, and I am bloging all my progress. Also, my hand is busted and typoa abound. Sorry!) I think perhaps this book will change the world. I say […]


So last Saturday, Seamus and i visited an abandoned zoo. It was spooky. Never go to an abandoned anything with me, because i have two life philosophies that, when combined, create almost certain death: 1. When faced with a decision, choose the option that makes a better story later 2. Nothing in horror movies is […]

Sloppy self-portrait

This was just an experiment I did as a warm-up. (Soon you are going to get to see some illustrations, cross my heart, but I’m having technical difficulties so you’re stuck with warm-ups for now.) For anyone curious about what it was I actually did: I sketched my own dumb face chewing on a paintbrush, […]

Some more valentines

And three more, this time with blood and rotting flesh! Yeah, I’m a connoisseur of romance. <3

Purple & orange again

Stillman & Birn were kind enough to let me choose a complimentary sketchbook. I chose the Delta series, a 180 lb ivory “extra heavy weight paper” designed for wet media. Definitely impressed. I practically poured acrylic ink onto the page, and it politely absorbed it without buckling. It has a nice tooth–there’s texture, but it […]

How to Be a Famous Author

  Yes, ha ha, but also: It takes hard work to translate an ethereal dream from inside your head into a set of sharp-edged, black-and-white characters outside of your head. It’s even more difficult to array the spell in a way that will magically evoke the same original dream inside someone else’s head, merely by […]