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Leo making faces. Well, face.

  We thought Leo might like to climb around in the Christmas tree after we divested it of ornaments and lights. Turns out he likes to just sit wherever we put him and never move, forever. Sometimes i think he might qualify as a plant. But then he does things like zoom around the room […]

Christmas in pictures, tweets, & tumbls

My mom’s yearly, hand-sewn sacrifice to the voracious grandpuppies was popular for the entire ten minutes that it lasted. The cloth guts on the floor were too graphic; i simply cannot show you the carnage. Keffy visited and quickly became the unofficial pet photographer: Hello lizard friend — Hlaf Vmaprie (@Keffy) December 24, 2014 […]

Landsharks and needlekittens

When i read submissions on warm days, he starts out on my shoulder, then mosies on up the back of the couch to snooze in the sun. Briar usually stretches out in that exact place during the day, but she very politely chose the other couch while Leo was up there basking. For the whole […]

Leo lives here now

Today, we drove through two raucous thunderstorms while a foot-and-a-half-long bearded dragon clung to my shirt. I lead an uneventful life. Leo’s family have to move across the state, so they needed to find a home with understanding humans who would let him sneak out on occasion to fight crime. (He busted the top of […]