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Christmas in pictures, tweets, & tumbls

My mom’s yearly, hand-sewn sacrifice to the voracious grandpuppies was popular for the entire ten minutes that it lasted. The cloth guts on the floor were too graphic; i simply cannot show you the carnage. Keffy visited and quickly became the unofficial pet photographer: Hello lizard friend — Hlaf Vmaprie (@Keffy) December 24, 2014 […]

15 miles on Seattle hills

…But i’m getting ahead of myself! First i left Bellingham (while it was snowing), went to Seattle (which was dry) and walked the first few of my 15 total miles in four days. Then i got on the wrong city bus and rode around like a human remora on a big smelly wheeled shark until […]

The Towel Game

Keffy and I are sharing a hotel room at Cascade Writers.    _ (…Calm down, it’s Mountain Dew. And I washed it out by hand so the staff wouldn’t have to wonder, either.)

My illustration in Four

One of my favorite writers (and yes I’m biased, because he has attacked me with a pair of oversized novelty scissors, which I found strangely endearing) released a tiny collection of his work called Four, just for the experience of making an e-book. Keffy drew the cover himself, and commissioned interior illustrations from four other […]

How to Be a Famous Author

  Yes, ha ha, but also: It takes hard work to translate an ethereal dream from inside your head into a set of sharp-edged, black-and-white characters outside of your head. It’s even more difficult to array the spell in a way that will magically evoke the same original dream inside someone else’s head, merely by […]

Hatoful Boyfriend

My newest obsession is a Japanese dating game (1) where you try to get pigeons to fall in love with you (2) called Hatoful Boyfriend.(3) If you know what it is, then I hope you’ve seen this. (Thank you, Keffy.) If you don’t know what it is, let me break it down for you: 1. Japanese […]

Comic: Keffy Pees Really Quick

Keffy was telling me and some other people at Potlatch 21 about trying to strike a silly pose really quick when you knew you were going to be obliterated. hurr hurr

Potlatch 21

I love Potlatch because it’s a cozy convention populated with interesting people who share one common love: books. I’m often invited to gatherings where the common denominator among the participants doesn’t excite me. Some of you know I’m not really big on QUILTBAG events, for example, because I’m more comfortable using hobbies as common ground […]

Keffy Looks Good in a Tux

Here’s Keffy nancing down the aisle to get his award… And Keffy tells us a cute story about his first experience with SF, and how his parents unknowingly set him on the path of geekdom before he was even fully potty-trained. I was pretty surprised to hear myself get mentioned. I’m glad for anything I’ve […]