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Metal For Two Weeks

Two of my fingers are probably broken. I don’t know for sure because this third-world hellhole I live in doesn’t apply my taxes toward basic needs like GETTING MY BROKEN HAND X-RAYED but anyway, I know what you’re going to ask next. Go ahead, ask it. I’m going to lie, though. And also probably not […]

Some Valentines

This month, my art is up on the walls at the Black Drop Coffeehouse (can you tell this is my favorite place to display it?), along with Tod Wills. Instead of selling the artwork, however, I’m selling Valentine’s Day cards featuring my artwork. Here are a few of the designs: Three more…

Big-Tittied Chainmail Lady (surprisingly, NSFW!)

For those of you who don’t know what the SFWA Bulletin is, it’s a newsletter for members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. We’ve had to work pretty hard over the years to have our work taken seriously, since many people are still dismissive of “spaceships and unicorns.” SFWA is a bit […]

You Look Like an Artist

If it doesn’t play, click here. For legal purposes, I insist this didn’t actually happen. All characters are entirely fictional and so are the things they say. And the fact that they’re furries, which definitely is not how it happened. I mean, didn’t happen.

The Journal of Exuberantly Bad Fiction

…is a real thing. There’s finally a paying market for that erotic unicorn spy thriller you wrote when you were twelve. Of course, I had to go digging through my old work and see what horrible things I had written. When I was twenty, I came up with this idea for a novel about vampirates, […]

Hatoful Boyfriend

My newest obsession is a Japanese dating game (1) where you try to get pigeons to fall in love with you (2) called Hatoful Boyfriend.(3) If you know what it is, then I hope you’ve seen this. (Thank you, Keffy.) If you don’t know what it is, let me break it down for you: 1. Japanese […]


EDIT: All of the art in this post is now physically in Tod’s hands, so if you want to make an offer on any of these pieces, contact him at coyote puck at g mail dot com (no spaces, of course). Thanks for your interest and participation! <3 you lovelies are the best. Today I’m […]

He’s going to regret kissing me on camera.

…Everyone always does.

Comic: Interrage

Shimmer teaser

What’s she saying? You can find out in five days, when the Shimmer blog features an illustrated contribution by yours truly. I’ll link to it here when it goes live, but until then, whoever comes up with the funniest caption (decided by meee) gets the original mailed to them. And… go!