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Sloppy self-portrait

This was just an experiment I did as a warm-up. (Soon you are going to get to see some illustrations, cross my heart, but I’m having technical difficulties so you’re stuck with warm-ups for now.) For anyone curious about what it was I actually did: I sketched my own dumb face chewing on a paintbrush, […]

Some more valentines

And three more, this time with blood and rotting flesh! Yeah, I’m a connoisseur of romance. <3

Some Valentines

This month, my art is up on the walls at the Black Drop Coffeehouse (can you tell this is my favorite place to display it?), along with Tod Wills. Instead of selling the artwork, however, I’m selling Valentine’s Day cards featuring my artwork. Here are a few of the designs: Three more…

Anglerfish Mermaid with Sailor Husbands

Tod had a creepy dream awhile back, and when he told me about it, I was so fascinated that I began sketching various interpretations and didn’t stop for the rest of the night. I ended up with this: If you don’t know how anglerfish reproduce, you should check out this video. This picture comes with […]

My illustration in Four

One of my favorite writers (and yes I’m biased, because he has attacked me with a pair of oversized novelty scissors, which I found strangely endearing) released a tiny collection of his work called Four, just for the experience of making an e-book. Keffy drew the cover himself, and commissioned interior illustrations from four other […]

How to Be a Famous Author

  Yes, ha ha, but also: It takes hard work to translate an ethereal dream from inside your head into a set of sharp-edged, black-and-white characters outside of your head. It’s even more difficult to array the spell in a way that will magically evoke the same original dream inside someone else’s head, merely by […]

NaNoWriMo 2012!!!1

  Shut up, I’m excited. And instead of making you hear about it every day for the whole month, I have devised a clever system so you will only hear about it five times. I am a magnanimous blogger who understands that you don’t actually care about my silly project, which is basically a composite […]

Orange & Purple

The other day I got all obsessed with these colors together. Here’s some of what I’ve done with them so far: Liquid acrylics & Copic markers (not like you were surprised). Copic & Prismacolor marker, liquid acrylics. I used colors that were too similar to do the patterns on the owl–they just look like marker […]


More owls:

Art in Reverse

In some ways, Clarion West changed the way I was beginning doodles and drawings. I’m not sure I’m prepared to elaborate quite yet; I’m still working on how to describe the association I’m making between two entirely different craft techniques. The unrefined, bumbling version is this: Ideally in my fiction I will suggest how the […]