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Tag Archives: holiday mayhem

Pit Bull Tuesday: Shadow’s Fund

This Pit Bull Tuesday, I have a Valentine’s wish. Last month I donated $20 to Shadow’s Fund.  They help give extra time to unadoptable shelter dogs: senior dogs, pit bull-type dogs of all ages, and dogs with injuries or behavioral problems that can be healed/corrected with time. The shelter was in danger of losing their […]

Wanted: For Being Too Awesome

Hello, 2012!

Adults are mostly immature on New Year’s Eve, so I went and hung out with some kids and their pet parents instead. I got a text message from an anonymous friend telling me how the alcohol-drenched party he was at totally sucked, while I was eating chocolate fondue and doing art collaborations with Mr. Sketchy […]

Holiday Charity Warning!

Recently, someone on my Twitter feed retweeted a screenshot of the Salvation Army website which emphasized one paragraph. The Salvation Army has an official stance on homosexuality, which is that I and all my fellow ten percenters are doomed to a painful eternity in Satan’s private theater, wearing feather boas fashioned of hot coal and […]

Murder Mystery Christmas Eve

I am having a murder mystery dinner party for Christmas Eve. I chose this day for poor, sad, lonely Bellingham transplants who don’t have family in the area, but if you have the Eve free or you prefer my dangerously cluttered house and poor social skills to your family, you’re welcome too! The Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt. 23 […]

A Halloween ghost story

It’s Halloween, so if I tell you this, I can pretend it’s not real. If you make fun of me, I’ll just laugh and say, “Oh yes, but did you check the date on the post? Obviously you’re taking it too seriously.” That way, I’m not necessarily someone who hallucinates, or who misunderstands reality, or […]

Mom, I made you a card!

All joking cat sex aside, my mother is amazing. She’s good at anything she tries to do. She can craft, garden, cook, sew, sculpt, collage, paint, fix up old antiques to look less crappy than they really are, and she is an unending fount of intuitive patience for those she loves (and even those she doesn’t). […]

April Fool’s rules!

Bandito’s Burritos is a delicious little restaurant located on W. Holly Street in downtown Bellingham, Washington. One of their major attractions is a well-stocked salsa bar featuring home-made toppings from 1 to 5+ stars, in flavors from savory to sweet. Today, they had this: While so far this salsa is my favorite April Fool’s joke […]

Our Christmas tree can strip a cow in under a minute.

Take a look at our Christmas tree. But wait… What is that up on top? Look closer: Yes, my friends, to the best of my knowledge, that is an actual preserved Pygocentrus nattereri, also known as the red-bellied piranha. Have an even closer look! When I was putting the ornaments on the tree, I dropped […]