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Teresa at Sabbath Tattoo inking a splashy, artsy jellyfish onto my arm. R: jellyfish for VP XIV; L: shark for CW2012 I am a graduate of both Viable Paradise and Clarion West. These workshops changed my life in very different, intensely meaningful ways, and i’m so honored to have had those experiences and become friends […]

Art in Reverse

In some ways, Clarion West changed the way I was beginning doodles and drawings. I’m not sure I’m prepared to elaborate quite yet; I’m still working on how to describe the association I’m making between two entirely different craft techniques. The unrefined, bumbling version is this: Ideally in my fiction I will suggest how the […]

Arcely, cephalopods, & yeti

My friends Nicole and Arcely came to draw with me on Sunday. Arcely drew me two pictures, and Nicole doodled the name of her forthcoming second spawn like fifty bazillion times. I drew some sasquatches, but those weren’t as cool as what Arcely drew, so I’m going to show you hers first. Nicole was horrified […]


I am re-employed! I’m now the instructor of a new life drawing class, in which you draw people who want you to knock it off but are too polite to insist so they just slink away. In between classes, though, I’m in specialty sales again. This time, instead of education about human sexuality and all […]

Saturday’s Highs and Lows

On Saturday, Tod and I hopped into 1314‘s car and headed down to Docking Bay 93, a comic book store which always has artists draw free sketches for kids on Free Comic Book Day. The writer & artist for Kat-Nap was also there, though Greg was lucky enough not to have to sit through me […]

Art night with Maegen & dogs

On Thursday, which is usually “art night,” one of my friends was sick and one was asleep, but my friend Maegen came over and drew at my table even though that meant she had to be alone with me. And for babysitting, she got paid half a can of warm Dr. Pepper that already had […]

Hello, 2012!

Adults are mostly immature on New Year’s Eve, so I went and hung out with some kids and their pet parents instead. I got a text message from an anonymous friend telling me how the alcohol-drenched party he was at totally sucked, while I was eating chocolate fondue and doing art collaborations with Mr. Sketchy […]

Tortoise or hare?

Want to see when I’ve been drawing? It’s all the flat bits on this “Nano stats” graph. So instead of being a tortoise or a hare, I am some kind of unholy abomination that came from the loins of a hare that got a little drunk by the pond one night. Most scientists agree I […]