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“I cannot tell a (boring) lie.”

  After i broke my knuckle, i sat around for half of an hour, then ate a burger, then played the (fabulous!!) Rick and Morty videogame with Seamus, but at his wise insistence, i decided i was prooobably busted enough to go to the ER. (He’s marvelous. If it wasn’t for him i probably would […]

Best bandage art ever.

Bacon-flavored makeup

Edit: Twitter and WordPress are arguing and i’m afraid they’ll get a divorce :O

Slug Survival

One of my friends was really surprised by this, so I figured I’d share it in case anyone else didn’t know this. Slugs don’t have  a mating season or anything–they just reproduce and die all year long. So when it gets too cold out, they just sort of shrink up and chill out while they […]

Some more valentines

And three more, this time with blood and rotting flesh! Yeah, I’m a connoisseur of romance. <3

this is why I’m so popular

30 Days of Monstergirls: 15 – 21

More monstergirls! Once again, remember these may be NSFW. They’re not all wearing clothes. Also, the canine one is farting, because that’s totally what dogs do. Mine are doing it RIGHT NOW. Both as I type this, and as you read it.

Pit Bull Tuesday: Ginger Tastes A News Anchor. Repeatedly.

(If the video doesn’t load, try here: The shelter representative really didn’t have a lot of control over these dogs, but I hope they got adopted anyway!

What’s Clarion West like?

People keep asking, “So, what’s Clarion West like?” I don’t think I could describe the whole experience, but I think what they want is to know what I’m doing with my time. So: I critique anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 words and try to write at least 500 words each night. The latter mostly doesn’t […]

Sunday: Red