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No Keys is closing up–what’s next?

(This post pseudo-mirrored from my Patreon account) I fell on my face pretty hard a number of times while making No Keys, but i also learned a lot, and i’ve enrolled myself in independent study comics school (which means watching Skillshare and reading comics theory during lunches instead of making concerned faces at the 1990 Twin […]

No Keys, or, AAAAUUUGGHHHF*&@#%F&G

For those of you who somehow managed to escape the constant self-promotion of my comic, here’s the run-down: I’ve been maintaining a somewhat-weekly-but-more-often-biweekly-with-catchup-strips webcomic called No Keys, about four friends looking for a place to live and being horrified by each prospect’s supernaturally inhospitable conditions. It’s funded through Patreon, but i’ve failed to deliver some […]


Lying in morning sun, reading aloud to the other mammals. If I had a million bucks i’d spend my morning the same way. (via Instagram That Instagram shot was a couple of days ago, but it seemed like a good photo for this post, because i feel a LOT better. We went from this […]

No Keys

“No Keys” is about four friends looking for suitable lodgings and finding each prospect hilariously uninhabitable.* It isn’t fictional enough, i’m afraid, even though i guess we haven’t looked at any legitimate haunted mansions or houses constructed entirely of broken glass (“You’ll never need a boxcutter or a letter opener again!”). And we are better […]

Making comics! #nokeys

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No Keys & S.E.E.D.

I think it would be in poor taste not to gloss over the details here. I may or may not be more forthcoming later. Basically, the landlord decided to sell this place three months after we moved in. This affects not just my partner and i and our pets, but also two dear friends + […]

Are y’all messing with me. Because seriously.

I am so busy i shouldn’t even be writing this, but i can’t not tell you what just happened. I CANNOT KEEP THIS TO MYSELF. I stayed home from retail-work so i could build special cat furniture to keep one of them from peeing on the bathroom floor right next to the litter box, like […]

“I cannot tell a (boring) lie.”

  After i broke my knuckle, i sat around for half of an hour, then ate a burger, then played the (fabulous!!) Rick and Morty videogame with Seamus, but at his wise insistence, i decided i was prooobably busted enough to go to the ER. (He’s marvelous. If it wasn’t for him i probably would […]

Comic: Terrible Scheming Canine Burdens

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