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Sunday: Yellow

Rosa butyrum, or the dairy rose, is a delicate bush. It buds at dusk, blossoms overnight, and at dawn, the roses are ready to spread on toast. I took this photo just moments before the petals began to melt. I poked myself on a thorn trying to catch the sweetish liquid with my bagel, but […]

Sunday: White

Sunday: Orange

Sunday: Grey

Want to see the pigeons squabbling on my lap? Bonus video!

Sunday: Blue

Sunday: Red

Sunday: Green

Sunday: Brown

Apologies for missing last Sunday! It took me a few days to recover from the Art-a-thon, and my awake time was used primarily for work. I know you depend upon me to give you random amateur photos taken with a cheap-ass camera, because you couldn’t possibly find those anywhere else on the Internet.

Sunday: Purple

Happy Mother’s Day! I used to pet bumblebees when I was younger, just with the tip of my index finger. This one was too small and fidgety for that, but it sure looks soft.

Sunday: Silver

Silver tree in the Olympic Sculpture Park on Seattle’s waterfront.