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No Keys is closing up–what’s next?

(This post pseudo-mirrored from my Patreon account) I fell on my face pretty hard a number of times while making No Keys, but i also learned a lot, and i’ve enrolled myself in independent study comics school (which means watching Skillshare and reading comics theory during lunches instead of making concerned faces at the 1990 Twin […]

Clarion West Write-a-thon & Princes of Iron

A sparkle caught my eye as I passed one of the empty burrows. The Unlight fell dull upon the windchimes that hung there, but it was bright upon a sky-blue glass bottle the size of my fist, dangling from an orange ribbon. Nothing shows up that brilliantly with faery-augmented sight unless it’s magic. When I […]

Write-a-thon Week Something-or-other: I don’t even know

I FAILED. Somehow, i am still a writer, and still alive, and still trying, but i have been missing my updates and unless i sit down and do some math right now (which i assure you i will most certainly not be doing), i won’t even know how many i missed. Two? Three? The square […]

Write-a-thon: Monsterpede, page 06 + new collaboration

(For those just joining us, Monsterpede is an anti-all-ages picture book that serves as an allegory for a writer’s journey. I intend to self-publish it for the experience, and I am bloging all my progress. Also, my hand is busted and typoa abound. Sorry!) I think perhaps this book will change the world. I say […]


Teresa at Sabbath Tattoo inking a splashy, artsy jellyfish onto my arm. R: jellyfish for VP XIV; L: shark for CW2012 I am a graduate of both Viable Paradise and Clarion West. These workshops changed my life in very different, intensely meaningful ways, and i’m so honored to have had those experiences and become friends […]

Write-a-thon Week One: Broken bones and pretend progress

It’s that time of year again, when Clarion and Clarion West graduates and supporters pledge to write every week in solidarity with this year’s students, generating sponsorships from generous donors. I promised to blog my progress, so to begin with, here’s an x-ray taken the first day of the Write-a-thon: While this post is late […]

15 miles on Seattle hills

…But i’m getting ahead of myself! First i left Bellingham (while it was snowing), went to Seattle (which was dry) and walked the first few of my 15 total miles in four days. Then i got on the wrong city bus and rode around like a human remora on a big smelly wheeled shark until […]

Not online yet

When I finally had Internet again last night, I had 100+ unread messages in my inbox. It might be awhile before you hear from me because I look like this: But I’ll definitely be back soon, with tales of adventure and destruction and LOVE. <3

Write-a-thon: adding a contest!

Story: Achieved! So, last night I finished the first draft of my Clarion West Write-a-thon story! For a ~9,000 word story, halfway through the second week isn’t a bad finish. It’s about a pharmacist who quits his job and buys a fixer-upper B&B out in the country, but when he gets there, he finds the […]

Write-a-thon update & excerpt

The old Victorian house watched Kyle approach with a thousand shattered glass eyes. The real estate agents had assured him that all the windows were intact, many with the original glass, and showed him photos to prove it. They must have been taken years before. The shutters now hung askew, sun-bleached and missing some of […]