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new digs

Moving for the third time in sixteen months was still an anxiety-inducing nightmare and i’m surprised i have any friends left, but it was a good move. TL;DR: I don’t feel like this anymore. I once again live in someone’s converted garage, but i like to keep my punk cred, so that’s ideal. 😉 It’s a 3 […]

Hanzo had his 6th birthay party yesterday!

For the past 5.5 years, any time i have given Hanzo a balloon, he has happily destroyed it with his poky little claws and bitey little teeth. If given a choice between a cardboard box, a stuffed animal, and a balloon, i’d bet money he’d pick the last one first. So i got a bunch […]

Pretending to be ghosts

The other night, Briar and i took a trip to Bayview Cemetery. She was respectful and did not pee on any graves; i was respectful and didn’t climb on them, not even the really cool tall ones with good handholds. I actually feel a little guilty for going in when it’s closed, but we all […]

Landsharks and needlekittens

When i read submissions on warm days, he starts out on my shoulder, then mosies on up the back of the couch to snooze in the sun. Briar usually stretches out in that exact place during the day, but she very politely chose the other couch while Leo was up there basking. For the whole […]

Luckiest burglar EVER.

So at about 3:00 a.m. this morning, the dogs start barking, and i look out my window to see this. Actually, there were more cars, but since they were pointing all their lights at some dude on our porch, and i had NO idea why he was there or whether he was armed, i didn’t […]

Videogame saves seagull’s life (so there)

Yeah, more animal rescue. Does this happen to other people? Am i knocking seagulls out of the air with a baseball bat to get Internet attention? Look, i’m wondering the same thing as you. Maybe i’m playing birdsketball in my sleep or something. This time, i was out playing Ingress with Briar, setting up this […]

Super Birthday Snake

Last week, Briar and I went on a walk with our friends Teeth & Steve and their dog Motley. Our plan was to play Ingress as we went, taking portals with our phones while our dogs took them with urine assertions, but we reached Pickett Bridge and one of the most surreal things of my […]

Dog cuteness

Goodbye, snow.

Goodbye, snow. You didn’t show up until March, like a tool, and you only came twice, and the second time you intentionally dropped by while i was on my way to California and couldn’t play in you, but you’re pretty awesome anyway. At least me and my ridiculous dogs thought so. That was some kind […]

Oh no she di-in’t….

… I’m starting to see why Seamus refers to her as “emergency food.”