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prank war (spoiler: i lose)

The first thing you have to know is: my boss Alan is awesome. He’s kind, courteous, funny, helpful, generous, knows how to build things, knows how to art things, and his cooking is divine. He carefully marks the store prices so that we’re making enough to run the shop, but helping out the customer the […]

Romance & bugs

So back in June (shut up, i haven’t had time to post anything in a timely manner) my friends Jess and Matt got hitched. They’re rock climbers, so they did it on a goddamned rock that we all had to climb onto. Luckily, it was a great-grandma climb, and it was also one of the […]

Cats in Coffee!

I’m running this workshop with my friend and co-worker Maegen. If you’re in the area and it sounds like fun, sign up soon… I think we’re going to run out of space! (If it’s popular enough, though, we’ll do it again, so even if you miss it this time you may not be out of […]

Write-a-thon Week Something-or-other: I don’t even know

I FAILED. Somehow, i am still a writer, and still alive, and still trying, but i have been missing my updates and unless i sit down and do some math right now (which i assure you i will most certainly not be doing), i won’t even know how many i missed. Two? Three? The square […]

Comic: good at my job

Haha this is what my co-worker said when she found out what my other job is. hahaha THANKS KATIE <3 I LOVE YOU TOO! Bigger size under the cut:

Duck Collection

My friend Carlie collects rubber ducks. We have rubber duck painting kits at the art store. Carlie and her sister recently adopted two kittens. You don’t have to be a writer to know how these different facts fit together, right? The nature of her birthday gift was inevitable:

Sale, Draft, Fail

Sale: On Sunday, the story I wrote for my sixth week at Clarion West was accepted for publication at Lightspeed Magazine. HOORAY! I love this story, currently titled “Breathless in the Deep,” because I can spot much of what I learned at the workshop–even though I decided that last week not to “try,” but instead […]

A Grateful Year (1/2)

There will be two posts this year about Thanksgiving. I realize everyone is making these posts, and I’m sorry to clutter your feed with multiple yammerings about what a jackpot this year has been for me, but the truth is I doubt most of you will read these anyway. They’re long, and there’s more text […]

Friends photos & buttons

Nicole, my last boss, visited me at my new job. She bought smelly markers for her kid (not the kind you huff if you’re a celebrity who ran out of coke, but the kind that say they smell like fruit and totally don’t). Then we went out for gelato and chocolate as if it was […]


I am re-employed! I’m now the instructor of a new life drawing class, in which you draw people who want you to knock it off but are too polite to insist so they just slink away. In between classes, though, I’m in specialty sales again. This time, instead of education about human sexuality and all […]