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photo diaries are better with vampires

photo of Maritime Heritage Park at dusk

I had this dream–WAIT DON’T LEAVE, I’M TALKING, DAMMIT–that there were lots of lions and tigers and jaguars in my house, and they were playing nice with my dogs, but i was afraid it–SERIOUSLY THERE IS A POINT, I’M NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT JUST TELLS YOU DREAMS FOR NO EFFING REASON–wouldn’t last, and so i was trying to find ways to segregate and rehome and otherwise care for these random big-ass cats, but all my friends kept coming over and asking me questions and wanting me to look at stuff.

That stress dream was sort of like my subconscious clearing its throat. I’ve been getting increasingly stressed out lately, and i’ve also been increasingly doing social activity instead of staying home 1) taking care of my dogs and 2) doing stuff that i need to do to feel like a whole and useful human bean.

So first, art:

watercolor + uniball + Niji water brush - two people faces

The way i sketched them, i guess they’re probably conjoined twins with a really cool split-patterned t-shirt.

watercolor graphic of some (ugly) dragony-celticky things

This is a test. This is only a test of the new watercolors that my co-worker Jess gave me <3. If this had been a real piece of art, it would have been better planned and better executed.

watercolor + Niji water brush - desert horizon

Thinking of one of my novels when i watercolored this… the one i feel guiltiest for not polishing.

abstract acrylic on canvas board

It’s a long story, but basically, i just wanted to play with those three colors of paint and outline them because of a mistake-turned-experiment at work.

And after a bunch of art, then i made food. Non-dairy food, because i’m a lactard and i shouldn’t be eating dairy–SERIOUSLY ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION, MY MEDICAL ISSUES ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS MY DREAMS–and i am weak waaay too often because goddamn do i love me some cheese. But this had no cheese, and it was still–HEY GET BACK HERE I’M ALMOST DONE–seriously delicious.

photo: the lentil concoction i ate for dinner

And that was January 26, 2014.

Oh, wait, WAIT! One thing from January 25 that is the same as January 26 is this, so i’ll show you it last:

photo: my sleepy cute pit bulls in matching poses

Good night!

Nobody was injured

my partner looking for the driver's glasses

Seamus helping the driver look for a pair of glasses lost on impact.


I was thinking of getting lawn flamingos, but then i thought, ‘Lawn Jeep Cherokee makes more of a statement.’

My doofy pit bull looking at the collision scene and fancying himself a watchdog.

Hanzo is really proud of himself for noticing the collision of an SUV and a CITY BUS. What an astute Barkmotron3000.

Every time this happens, though, i wish i could move. I walk my dogs along that sidewalk way too often to be comfortable with the number of collisions that occur in this intersections. I love this house, but living on an arterial is a little too exciting for me.

GO GO 2014!

.gif of me jumping up and down like a monkey on crack

Feather Monster

monster with a tail (Copic + Prismacolor markers, 2013)

Scribbled this at work. Click to see it at full size:


One of these lists is longer than the other

2013 has technically not been a good year.

  • This is the first year in my entire life I’ve had to go to the food bank.
  • We lost our last housemate, so now we’re paying all the bills between the two of us.
  • Seamus and I haven’t been able to drive over and visit my parents, sisters, and nephews all year.
  • Not all the publishers who owe me money have paid up.
  • My dogs ran out of toys and I couldn’t afford to get them new ones, so I had to make some tug-of-war ropes out of my old pants & socks.
  • I declared last December that I would stop taking commissions, but I’m not in a position to say no to money–so I’ve spent all year being behind/late/stressed about more art that I owe that is never good enough (for my own standards), so I haven’t finished.
  • My laptop died, and until I can afford better data recovery tools/services than we have at home, it’s taken most of my stories and scanned art with it (yes, I had a backup drive, but I made a dumb mistake, so it didn’t help).
  • This is the first year since I started that I won’t win NaNoWriMo.

But as usual, 2013 was also full of good things.

  • Because of the generosity of friends, I was able to attend The Rainforest Writer’s Village, FOGcon, Cascade Writers, and a mind-blowingly awesome reunion with eleven of my Clarion West classmates (which included a tiny stop to eat dinner with my parents!).
  • Even though my laptop died, Seamus fixed my older laptop, so I at least have one again, even if it’s missing my most recent work/records.
  • I had more stories come out in print than any other year.
  • I started and made lots of progress on a novel I love (working title is The Skip Trick), polished and added a new first chapter to I Didn’t Want To Go On Your Stupid Quest Anyway, and started one more untitled novel in which I wrote 23,000 words in four days because I was having so much fun.
  • Not having housemates turned out to be as awesome as it is expensive (we loved our roommates, seriously, but now we can pee with the bathroom door open and walk around naked hahaha).
  • Our landlord fixes things when we call and ask.
  • The team at managed to get our response times down under 90 days (though they ballooned a little later, but we still met my goal!).
  • I still love being a secret agent at Shimmer. (Especially when I April Fool’s err’body, haha.)
  • I picked stories out of the slush that were bought by the editors, and received thank you notes for personal rejections that the authors felt had been helpful or genuinely encouraging instead of frustrating.
  • I helped put on a writing conference for teens that was not only a success, but fantastic fun for everyone involved.
  • I made new friends! <3 <3 <3
  • Began attacking a list of stuff I want to know/do/be better at.
  • I’m closer with my co-workers than ever, and I got two new ones to love (hi Andy! hi Effie!).
  • I started beta testing for my favorite videogame company.
  • I gave myself permission to watch more series on Netflix and found that beyond mere enjoyment, it became a critical exercise that improved my ability as a writer.
  • I learned a ton about different art media, and of those commissions I was complaining about, I finished a couple of them and am 3/4 done with the last.
  • My favorite author signed my Nook. (I’ll show you later!)
  • My pets had no significant medical emergencies, and I can still afford to feed them well.
  • I altered my diet significantly to be healthier, cheaper, and to go with this change, I started working out again.
  • As usual, my parents were there for me when I needed help, multiple times <3
  • Because of my flexible schedule, I also get lots of time to play with my pets and hang out with my partner.
  • Seamus and I have been together for twelve years, and our relationship just keeps “leveling up.” It’s the best game I ever played.

Tonight, once again because of the generosity of friends, I’ll be eating good food with people I love. <3 I wish the same for you!

I’m done finding myself in the mountains

I’m also done having weekly features for awhile. So Pit Bull Tuesday is going to remain on hiatus while I figure out what I want to commit to posting here.

I keep this blog for me, because on days when I’m sick or waiting for circumstances to shift so I can get something else done, or late at night when I’m feeling liminal and like I just got here on Earth, this is a way for me to scroll back and see who I am and who I was and who I was before that.

five photos of me from 2010

That said, there’s something inherently interactive about a public blog, where my perception and portrayal of my experiences are altered by you reading about them.  Quantum posting! I still need to find out what types of experiences, thoughts, and projects I’d like to see altered in that way on a regular basis. I’m becoming more of a “fan” than I ever was before; I’m starting to find value in dissecting what I watch and see as the diving board into a discussion instead of merely to record my reaction.

This is a warning that this place might change. It might become NSFW, or boring, or really stupid. It might also have more art, or more photos, or more reviews. I DON’T KNOW OKAY.

…But it will definitely still have screenshots of those weird puzzle games I like to play, because seriously you guys, how can I not show you this brilliant Polish hilarity:

screenshot of a Polish hidden objects game

(Click to see it at actual size.)


Not online yet

When I finally had Internet again last night, I had 100+ unread messages in my inbox. It might be awhile before you hear from me because I look like this:

me making a face

But I’ll definitely be back soon, with tales of adventure and destruction and LOVE. <3

The Towel Game

Keffy and I are sharing a hotel room at Cascade Writers.

tweets from a silly "towel war" between Keffy and Itweets from a silly "towel war" between Keffy and Itweets from a silly "towel war" between Keffy and I   _tweets from a silly "towel war" between Keffy and I

(…Calm down, it’s Mountain Dew. And I washed it out by hand so the staff wouldn’t have to wonder, either.)

Kagerou fancomic (NSFW, I guess)

in-progress photo of a Kagerou fancomic by rainbowbarnacle & plunderpuss

If you haven’t read Kagerou, you can probably skip this. Unless you really want to see an evil goddess trying on dresses made of weirdo sea creatures. rainbowbarnacle wrote it and I illustrated it. Don’t click if you’re somewhere that silly cartoon nudity will be an issue:


Dr. Sketchy Scribbles (NSFW)

Two of my co-workers and I went to Dr. Sketchy’s at the Temple Bar on Monday night. The model was Olympia, who may be the most fun to draw model I’ve ever sketched. She has such long, thin bones; it was a little like drawing a very realistic anime person.
sketch from Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School by plunderpuss
This was a two-minute pose. If you weren’t there, you may think I drew a clutch of angry hemorrhoids, but in fact she had an adorable bouquet of cloth flowers decorating her granny panties. :)

sketch from Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School by plunderpuss

This is a collaborative effort between me and two other people (I think Maegen and her friend visiting from Mexico). We each drew on it for three minutes and twenty seconds. The turquoise/blue is mine. Pretty sure the hideous leaky pink paint pen is Maegen’s ;) (It was a cool addition to this picture though, even if it did get all over Alan!)

There is a bare breast in the next drawing, so I hid it in case your nosy co-worker is peering over the cubicle wall: