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Dr. Sketchy Scribbles (NSFW)

Two of my co-workers and I went to Dr. Sketchy’s at the Temple Bar on Monday night. The model was Olympia, who may be the most fun to draw model I’ve ever sketched. She has such long, thin bones; it was a little like drawing a very realistic anime person.
sketch from Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School by plunderpuss
This was a two-minute pose. If you weren’t there, you may think I drew a clutch of angry hemorrhoids, but in fact she had an adorable bouquet of cloth flowers decorating her granny panties. :)

sketch from Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School by plunderpuss

This is a collaborative effort between me and two other people (I think Maegen and her friend visiting from Mexico). We each drew on it for three minutes and twenty seconds. The turquoise/blue is mine. Pretty sure the hideous leaky pink paint pen is Maegen’s ;) (It was a cool addition to this picture though, even if it did get all over Alan!)

There is a bare breast in the next drawing, so I hid it in case your nosy co-worker is peering over the cubicle wall:


Pit Bull Tuesday: Laughing Baby + a Pit Mix

It’s possible I already shared this, but if so, it was a long time ago, and it’s about time we all see it again. That baby’s laugh is contagious! If you can’t see the video above, watch here.

Midnight at the Feet of the Caryatides is available today!

Cover of Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allan Poe (Lethe Press)

The first story I wrote after Clarion West is coming out today in the anthology Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Steve Berman, from Lethe Press.

Here are a couple of reviews of my story:

“Those that exchange faithful adherence to diction and structure for a stronger focus on character tend to be more successful, most notably Cory Skerry’s “Midnight at the Feet of the Caryatids”…” – Publishers Weekly

“Some of the works recontextualize Poe: Cory Skerry’s “Midnight at the Feet of the Caryatides” takes “Hop-Frog” up impossible heights, in the anthology’s most original story, pulling in classical elements that Poe would recognize along with more fantastical ones that feel delightfully fresh.” – Ideomancer

Here’s a scribbly illustration I made (not in the book):

sketch from Midnight at the Feet of the Caryatides by Cory Skerry

(The gargoyle looks like Hanzo! haha!)

And here are a few places where you can buy the anthology:

From ABE Booksfrom Barnes & Noble, and from Amazon, which I hope is your last resort :D

Hanzo at Relay for Life

Almost every year, my boyfriend is involved in the sound system for Relay for Life. This is the first year I was in town and otherwise unengaged, and it’s not far from our house, so I decided to take Hanzo over when I brought Seamus some supplies (it’s a 24 hour event).

We were a block away when he started to realize he was Going Somewhere Exciting, and when we rounded the corner and he saw all the people and dogs, his tail whipped my kneecaps like I owed him money.

my pit bull Hanzo excited to be pretty to show his support for cancer victims and survivors

Sorry the framing is so bad, but he was so excited he was vibrating. I was lucky to get his pretty flower and his dyed pink ribbon in one shot. Breast cancer awareness cutie mark, like a My Little Pit Bull!

We did three laps the first time, left so I could walk Briar too, and then came back after dark for a second round. It was soon time to go home and read submissions, though, and I had to peel him away from the crowd. Every couple of steps on the way back, he did this:

my pit bull Hanzo doesn't want to leave the  Relay for Life fundraiser

Yeah, he loved Relay for Life. I wonder if I can enter a dog officially as a participant? I know I could get people to pledge money for how many laps he does. I’d have to put a cap on it, because his legs can’t handle as many laps as he wants to do (that’s why we went twice–I let him have a big two hour rest in between walks), but it would still be fun and for a good cause. <3

I originally just walked for Hanzo, because he was so happy to be there and wanted to take part in what everyone else was doing, but it ended up being really good for me, too. Cancer has taken (and is still taking) my loved ones. For all I know, it will come after me, too. It hurt my stomach to see how many candles there were for those who didn’t win their fight.  I was surprised, though, to find it also felt good to see a crowd of people who appreciated what went into that fight. When a friend (who is a survivor) told me about how there is a part of the night where only survivors walk, and the crowd cheers for them, she sounded kind of embarrassed and mentioned that it might sound silly. My response was that people cheer at the Olympics for the things that healthy bodies can do–why the hell shouldn’t they cheer for people who have beaten or at least stalled death? That’s a pretty bad-ass achievement, definitely worthy of screaming and stomping!

Velvetor mohawkis


Velvetor mohawkis, also known as the “punk moth,” is often found battering its drunk face against streetlights in city alleys. The punk moth is characterized by a unique stripe of fuzz that runs over the top of its thorax, resembling the plumage of 1980s rock gods and the legions of copycats that carried the look into mainstream culture in the following 2+ decades.

The punk moth has a two huge “eyes” on its wings, to distract bouncers so they won’t look closely at its ID. It’s basically always of age (since if it wasn’t, it would be a caterpillar) but it carries a fake ID just to stick it to The Man. It likes cheap beer, listening to an aging Jello Biafra babble about politics, and chews holes in its own clothing to give itself extra street cred.

Pit Bull Tuesday: Piper’s Goat Puppies!

If Piper’s goat puppies aren’t loading above, you can view them here.

Write-a-thon: adding a contest!

mini illustration from Cory Skerry's Write-a-thon story

Story: Achieved!

So, last night I finished the first draft of my Clarion West Write-a-thon story! For a ~9,000 word story, halfway through the second week isn’t a bad finish. It’s about a pharmacist who quits his job and buys a fixer-upper B&B out in the country, but when he gets there, he finds the realtors swindled him, and the wreck of a house is filled with a hundred identical stray cats and a mysterious squatter. And now I can just kick back on a lawn chair and sip lemonade while I watch a marathon of The Vampire Diaries start right on the second story.

mini illustration from Cory Skerry's Write-a-thon story

People have paid for nineteen words so far, but there are two I still haven’t figured out how to work into the story. Since the rules do say I can write a second story, and I will hopefully continue getting words, that’s probably the best option. That now means if you donate, you’re going to get two stories!

Wait! Why wouldn’t I just send you the one story in which your word was used? Because I have a diabolical plan.

The Diabolical Plan

Each of my donors is going to have a chance to guess which words (not their own) were suggestions. Whoever guesses the most words in the given time will get a copy of one of the anthologies with stories from me that come out soon. You can choose between these three:

Glitter and Mayhem cover imageOnce Upon A Time cover imageWhere Thy Dark Eye Glances cover image

So now if you donate $5 and send me a word, you have an additional chance to win a physical item of great and lasting value! The kind of thing for which Indiana Jones would brave a whole pit of snakes! Or at least a wading pool full of earthworms. Just sayin’.

And before anyone says, “What happens if no one guesses a word?” let me just tell you that thanks to that colossal jackass classmate of mine, M. Huw Evans, whom I love times a thousand but will still pummel a bit the next time I see him in person, there is no possible way someone can make it through this story without finding some words they KNOW someone gave me just to make my life a rotten hell.

You didn’t need to sleep again anyway, right?

As my friend Dan said: “THIS SHOULD NOT BE A THING!”


Pit Bull Tuesday: Creature Saves an Elderly Woman

If you can’t see Creature’s video above, click here.

Write-a-thon update & excerpt

The old Victorian house watched Kyle approach with a thousand shattered glass eyes. The real estate agents had assured him that all the windows were intact, many with the original glass, and showed him photos to prove it. They must have been taken years before. The shutters now hung askew, sun-bleached and missing some of their boards, and the dimpled roof was half-consumed by a lawn of moss.

His car pitched over the last few potholes in the driveway. When he got out, he didn’t bother to close the door. It ping-pinged as he walked toward the worst investment he’d ever made. The rotting front porch sagged like a wet towel. Blackberry brambles and English ivy had strangled the east wing, and they were working on the bulldozer someone had left parked near the stable. Kyle wondered how old those damn photos had been.

A glossy “Sunnybrook Homes” sign hung from a new wooden post, all yellow and red cheer against the drab, peeling pink structure behind it. He punched the sign off the little hinges and let it lie on the overgrown lawn. He pulled out his phone.

Kyle snapped a photo of his middle finger in front of the house and sent it to his realtors.

That’s from my CW Write-a-thon story. If you want to read about how Kyle’s investment gets even more horrible, and meet the mysterious occupants of the supposedly-empty house, you will have to give Clarion West at least five bucks. The good news is, if you give ‘em $5, you can e-mail me a word and I will include it in the story. The word choices from donors have already deeply shaped the story… it’s so fun seeing how the word suggestions are guiding what I write.

I decided not to check my wordcount until I’m finished with the story, just to see how it comes out when I’m not monitoring that aspect of my process, but I can tell you that with the weird font and margins I’ve chosen, I’m at ten pages. (;