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No Keys is closing up–what’s next?

(This post pseudo-mirrored from my Patreon account) I fell on my face pretty hard a number of times while making No Keys, but i also learned a lot, and i’ve enrolled myself in independent study comics school (which means watching Skillshare and reading comics theory during lunches instead of making concerned faces at the 1990 Twin […]

#distractiondraw & involvement as self-care

  #distractiondraw (Instagram link) is something my friend Stevie and i started doing because our social media feeds were too depressing to read immediately upon waking. We decided to draw something that made us happy and post it every morning before looking at anything else, and we’ve now started doing it when we need to “reset” […]

disabled dog can RUN again!

Fun version: My dog was bitten by a radioactive wheelchair and now he has morphed into a cyborg wheeldog with lasers! Boring version: Hanzo had a combination of tibial torsion and luxating patella, which caused him to fracture his tibial crests. He had several surgeries to make his legs strong enough to walk and run. […]

canine unicorns and dragons

This ex-garage that i live in was converted with a lot of hard work from my friends/landlords/housemates, so i wanted to try and preserve their new floor as best i could. (Also, Hanzo’s legs are wobbly, so he doesn’t do well on slick laminate.) Thanks to my lovely father ❥ i now have two new rugs which […]

return of S.E.E.D.s! + lizards

I was falling behind on S.E.E.D.s and when i moved, i found that it had been so long the ink in my spray bottles had dried and clogged. I needed new brushes, too. Fortunately, i work at an art store, and because i’ve been doing some freelance editing, i could afford to fix that. So […]

rockstar cat funeral

EDIT: Hey, just found out the clickwall might not work on mobile devices, so turn back now if you don’t want to see a (peaceful) photo of a post-mortem feline! Awhile back, my eldest cat passed away. I lived with her for almost exactly half of my life, which feels super-weird to think about. I knew that […]

my best mistake and ex-best pants

When i was the Art Director for Nightmare‘s special issue, Queers Destroy Horror!, i originally wasn’t going to assign myself an illustration. I wanted to involve as many queer people as possible. But after i’d almost finished selecting my artist lineup, i realized i didn’t have any traditional artists. And i really felt like “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” by […]

new digs

Moving for the third time in sixteen months was still an anxiety-inducing nightmare and i’m surprised i have any friends left, but it was a good move. TL;DR: I don’t feel like this anymore. I once again live in someone’s converted garage, but i like to keep my punk cred, so that’s ideal. 😉 It’s a 3 […]

thanks for the free envelopes, asshole

I don’t know why it’s even legal for a credit card company to send you a bunch of wasted dead-ass trees you didn’t ask for and definitely won’t use, especially when it’s a security risk for identity theft. I would be angrier if it wasn’t for this: I haven’t bought an envelope in over thirteen […]

he ate it >:|

On my walk with Briar the other day, i found some beautiful California poppies in a parking lot. I picked one, and when we got back, i put it in a little tiny vase with some water, because i planned on drawing it later. Then i made myself lunch, which pissed off Prince Hanzo the […]