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Art night with Maegen & dogs

hands drawing hands

How meta!

On Thursday, which is usually “art night,” one of my friends was sick and one was asleep, but my friend Maegen came over and drew at my table even though that meant she had to be alone with me. And for babysitting, she got paid half a can of warm Dr. Pepper that already had my spit on it. I’m an exquisite host, you see.

Hanzo and Briar were so impressed by Maegen that they immediately began to show off by chewing on dried up sections of a cow skeleton. They have a milk crate full of bones and other acceptable destroyables, and as you can see, Briar needed Maegen to see her getting a new one approximately every fifteen minutes.

my dog Briar's bone collection

Next, she'll learn the trick of putting them all back where she found them. Seriously.

Fortunately, in spite of the fact that they insisted on loudly gnawing dead things and engaging in a rambunctious game of tug-of-war while we were trying to ink, Maegen was also impressed. Here is her Hanzo:

a sketch of my dog Hanzo by my friend Maegen

It's a good thing Hanzo is too dumb to understand "art" or I think he'd be insufferably arrogant about his status as a model.

You already saw what I drew Thursday… it was cat vs. balloon.

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