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Cory SkerryGet this blog out of your mouth. You don’t know where it’s been.

This blog is image intensive, because I make extensive use of my digital camera and my ability to draw ugly cartoons, and even extensiver use of my ability to mangle the English language and make it globally accessible. Some day, if things go how I plan, I’ll be able to publicly mangle more languages and draw even uglier cartoons. And I’ll be able to take snapshots of my dreams so you know what it looks like to feed a loogie the size of my fist to a koi the size of my whole leg.

Thanks for reading! And if you don’t suck, thanks for commenting, too.


P.S. There’s  more accessible personal data and a bibliography of published fiction over at Skerry Monsters & Supercreeps. If you want to see (a highly unstable version of) my art gallery, well… view at your own risk.