"Stay out of my closet. And seriously, I want that sequined dress back." - his mother

"Somebody please call security." -Caitlin Kittredge, NYT bestselling liar

"I hope to see more of him soon." - Jesus, NYT bestselling messiah

"Artist, writer, force of nature, new state of matter, unheard-of Crayola color, and spirit guide."- Patrick Nielsen Hayden, cantankerous musician

"I would mess up his hair, but it's impossible." - Elizabeth Bear, off the information superhighway (exit 888)

"He stole all of my Aztec gold. :( " - Audrey W., botanical babysitter

"I haven't said anything. He made this up." - Neil Gaiman, famous beekeeper

"If I wasn't dead, we'd totally hook up." - Freddie Mercury, deceased rockstar

"See, he did it again! Freddie didn't say that, and I didn't say this!" - Neil Gaiman, famous beekeeper

"When I met Cory, he was dressed as if Robert Smith had been cast in a Japanese catgirl dating sim. My nose started gushing blood." - Eliza Gauger, inappropriate bat enthusiast

"I can't think of anyone whose unconscious body I would rather violate." - Gabriel M., student

"I usually try to avoid the places where I know Cory will be. If I walk in someplace like the comic book store or the coffeeshop and he's already there, I'll avoid eye contact. He doesn't usually take the hint, and always tries to bring up really embarrassing topics like the time I forgot my placenta in a freezer. It got so bad that I had to move out of state." - Muriel G., maker of second-hand car salesman commercials

"Guaranteed to confuse your conservative Christian parents!" - Aimee S., video game artist

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