Why do you wear makeup?

I'm in the witness protection program, and the mob is looking for an ugly straight guy.

I keep seeing this little key on your site: What's that for?

Click them. I dare you.

Why do you publish under different names as an illustrator and an author?

Sometimes, authors have to change their names because of sales figures, genre hops, or fleeing the country. That's not really common for illustrators, who are better criminals. Rebranding is expensive and besides, "plunderpuss" is fun to say.

Why "plunderpuss"?

Imagine a ship full of ferocious cats who are also pirates. This is what they would shoot toward you.

What will I find in your stories?

Pirates, Egyptian history, glam, marine biology, the old west, gender-bendery, indie comics, dinosaurs, rampant feminism, cryptids, steampunk, noir, and unholy cross-genre marriages between science fiction and fantasy.

What will I find on your bookshelves?

Scott Lynch, Tad Williams, Carol Berg, Jesse Hajicek, Lois McMaster Bujold, Neil Gaiman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Chris Hunt, C. S. Friedman, Richard Adams, Dick Francis, Lawrence Block, and an embarrassingly complete collection of the work of Jonathan Gash. (Hey, we all have our vices.)

What did you get out of Viable Paradise and Clarion West?

I gained more control over my process--now I'm not merely typing a story, but crafting one. If you're curious because you want to attend, remember: you can learn the basics for free online and by joining critique groups. I'd say to apply to these workshops when your fiction is good enough to get personalized rejections (and you're producing & submitting regularly enough to receive them).

You have pit bulls? Aren't they dangerous?

Look, it's this simple: they are dogs. The way you raise a dog determines its adult behavior. Dogs with jerk owners are ill-behaved; dogs who belong to me are soppy little cuddlemuffins who want nothing more than to make people laugh. In fact, my dogs might be a wee bit glitterati, if you know what I'm sayin'. They get inappropriately excited when I put on their matching bandannas.

I want to buy you a drink for being so handsome and charming and hilarious.

Thank you. I'll take a Shirley Temple with an excessive amount of cherries, please!

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