Cory Skerry likes to go on long hikes where he sometimes does dangerous things in the name of adventure. More often, however, he just takes photos of bugs having sex while he ingests nettles, giardia, and other things that he guesses probably won't kill him. Unlike most of his friends, his plan for the zombie apocalypse doesn't require an army surplus store: it involves the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie wilderness and a hatchet. (And his eyeliner.)

September 2010. Who needs that pillowtop or memory foam crap when you can have granite bedrock covered in freezing snowmelt?

When he's not sneaking around in the woods planning future escape routes and man-traps for the undead, he's usually drawing, writing, or recreationally napping in his Cthulhian horror of a house, surrounded by books and pets. In his last house there was also a ghost, which irritates him because even though he writes about them, he doesn't believe in them. So maybe there was no ghost after all.

December 2010. Have you explored alternative methods of clipping your canine companion's nails?

After getting together because one of them stalked the other, he and his partner have been reading to each other for over ten years, and periodically slamming the books shut to bicker about what's going to happen. They're just as annoying when watching movies--the "pause" button is nearly worn off of the remote control.

June 2010. This will be the milk carton photo when the aliens finally abduct Skerry & O'Carey for a vaudeville act.

He spends a lot of time analyzing fiction. He's a first reader for (slush) and sometimes sneaks around behind the scenes at Shimmer Magazine. His published fiction was probably vetted at Bellingham Writers Group or Pride of Liars, the latter of which he's been a part of since it started (with a different name that he'll take to his grave) in 2004.

Comics and illustration get their slice of his time pie as well. When he should be sleeping, instead he's the Art Director for Nightmare Magazine. And when he should be taking a shower, he's making a web comic called No Keys or filling PlunderS.E.E.D. orders or other projects.

October 2010. Sailors' lore says never turn your back on the ocean; instead, turn sideways and pose like a tryhard.

In 2010, Skerry took time off from his dayjob at an upscale adult boutique to play class clown at Viable Paradise (XIV). There, he gained valuable superpowers when he was bitten by a luminescent jellyfish. In 2012, he attended Clarion West, where he was part of the comic relief in the most pleasant horror movie that's ever been filmed in a sorority house haunted by a flying shark.

July 2012: me and Blythe. At Kelly Link's birthday party, some of us applied makeup to pass as human, and some of us finally cleaned it off.

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